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Teeth whitening opalescence


A bright and beautiful smile is probably one of the least discussed tools for more effective communication and social networking. Yet a beautiful and disarming smile is a formidable asset that not only projects a sunnier disposition – which is welcomed in all walks of life – but also opens doors to better career opportunities, boosts your networking abilities and fosters a happier and more inclusive work environment. And teeth whitening is one of the easiest and fastest ways to achieving all that and more.


What? Teeth whitening? Yes. Studies have shown that one of the most off-putting facets of a person’s appearance is his or her yellowish stained teeth. That’s because most people associate stained teeth with negative traits like bad hygiene, untidiness, laziness and even rudeness. It is quite sobering how the state of one’s teeth can generate such a negative impression on others. Thankfully, there are ways to salvage this unfortunate situation. One of the fastest and easiest methods is teeth whitening.


Everywhere you turn, the media outlets in both the print and online space always seem to be promoting some new health regime or cosmetic product that will improve your appearance and retain your youthful vigour. Yet few of them are as effective – or known to bring about such immediate results – as a teeth whitening procedure.


Nobody can deny the almost meteoric rise of teeth whitening from a once suspiciously gimmicky procedure to becoming one of the most popular cosmetic treatments of choice. That it is today heralded as one of the fastest and safest ways to improve one’s smile – without the need for complicated dental procedures – was virtually unheard of just a few short years ago.


Thanks to new and improved teeth whitening systems like Opalescence and Britesmile, cosmetic patrons are beginning to realise that they are able to achieve visible results just by spending as little as one hour inside a dental chair! It is no less impressive that the in-chair experience is often pain-free and even rather comfortable. The treatment products and protocols vary according to one’s needs, budget and preferences.


The Opalescence system, for example, comes in different strengths, making it easy to match the intensity of brightness that the patient wants. The professionally dispensed take-home whitening kit boasts a customised tray for holding the specially formulated gel on your teeth for maximum exposure to the gel. The tray conforms to your teeth shape allowing optimal gel coverage and an even spread throughout the whitening process.


For more dramatic and faster results, you can visit a cosmetic dentist who provides the in-chair system at the dental office. Cosmetic dentists have access to a more concentrated – and more effective – peroxide formula (more than 30%) that can accelerate the whitening procedure. Only dentists are qualified to administer this form of gel, along with a proprietary laser whitening technique in a safe clinical environment. It takes only between 30 minutes to an hour for the cosmetic dentist to achieve results that may take other systems months to accomplish – if they can even come close to the shade difference. That alone justifies the higher costs of going for a professional chair-side teeth whitening procedure, as opposed to an over-the-counter product.


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