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When do I need a Dental Crown?


A crown is a tooth-shaped cap that is used by a dentist to repair or restore a tooth back to its original size and shape, by placing it over the “repaired” tooth. Cosmetic dentists also use dental crowns to modify the appearance of the tooth. It is usually recommended when the structure of the original tooth cannot be repaired with fillings or other methods of restorations.


You would usually be offered dental crowns as a restorative option when you need to:


·         Restore broken or fractured teeth;

·         Repair decayed teeth;

·         Repair fractured fillings;

·         Replace large and defective fillings; and

·         Cosmetic enhancements.


Permanent dental crowns are typically bonded into place to cover the whole tooth that is visible above the gum line. A temporary crown may be worn in place, while the patient waits for the completion of the permanent crown. Usually pre-fabricated in a dental laboratory, your permanent dental crown may be made from different types of materials including porcelain, ceramic, resin, metals (i.e. stainless steel, gold) – or a combination of these materials. Metal is known as the most durable, hence are widely recommended for replacement of back teeth since they perform the dominant biting functions. Ceramic and porcelain restorations are favoured for their tooth-like hues that allow them to blend seamlessly with our natural teeth.


Unlike dental veneers, crowns are recommended when the patient requires structural repair of their teeth. A patient with excessive tooth decay, for instance, will make a good candidate for a crown. If your tooth lacks structural integrity but it happens to be a tooth that is used extensively for grinding and chewing, then you would most definitely want to consider a dental crown. They are also recommended for those with severe dental problems or chronically decayed or broken teeth.


A properly fabricated and placed crown will improve your teeth’s appearance and restore the natural function of your teeth. That is why it pays to visit a reputable practitioner who can increase the success rate and aesthetic outcome of your crown restoration. 


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