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Why children’s dentistry matters


Great dental care starts at a young age. It should rightly begin at home, thus placing the responsibility on parents to inculcate proper oral hygiene habits to their young ones. However, it cannot be overstated the significance of professional dental care in the formative years of your child’s dental progress. In fact, you should bring your child to see the dentist for the very first time as soon as their milk teeth start to erupt. Some of the major components of children’s dentistry include oral examinations, brushing, flossing as well as fluoride treatments.


Even during the newborn periods, parents should already be aware of various methods to prevent future dental problems. For example, parents can form early dental routines of wiping the child’s gums (prior to teeth eruption) with a damp cloth after meals. When putting their children to bed, feeding water instead of milk helps foster proper bedtime habits. When the baby teeth erupt, gum wipes should be replaced by brushing, with soft bristles, for twice daily cleaning regimes. And even prior to the appearance of all primary teeth, the child should already start to visit the dentist.


The child’s maiden dental visit may be a trial visit designed to expose the child to the clinical environment. It is important to make sure that the child does not develop a fear or distaste for the environment as this would make future visits very challenging for all concerned. By the first oral check at the dentist’s office, the child should already have a brushing routine going so that the sensation of touch on teeth and gums is not completely foreign hence startling for the little one. Flossing should only begin after the arrival of permanent teeth.


If your child has not been properly acclimatized to the dental environment, it is not uncommon that he/ she may feel anxious prior to the appointment. After all, there are many aspects of a dental clinic that may look or sound intimidating. This is when dental professionals who work well with children have a decided advantage. It is also the reason for visiting a clinic that has a dedicated children’s dentistry department. Obviously, it takes more than just a toy-filled kiddy corner to make a dental practice child-friendly.


To befit the “child-friendly” description, the practice should tailor their services specifically to children’s dental needs. They should have a primary focus on preventative care that takes into consideration the educational and nutritional aspects of dentistry. It also helps to have a trained dental hygienist on board who can evaluate and chart the progress of your child’s teeth and gum development. Of course, as your child grows, he/she should preferably have built a foundation of trust with the practitioners and the practice environment. Hence the practice must necessarily provide services that cater to the growing needs of your child, such as orthodontics (braces) that has become a rite of passage for many young patients.


As can be seen, the onus is on parents to look for a dental clinic that provides for the growing needs of the entire family. Indeed, it is a partnership that will yield a lifetime of healthy and beautiful smiles for you and your loved ones.


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