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Comprehensive Exam

For many of our patients, simply reacting to each dental crisis and compromising on the health and vitality of their smile just isn’t good enough.

If you have had dental work that really hasn’t been “fixed,” need extensive work, or if you are looking to achieve a smile that you feel happy and confident with, a comprehensive exam is the perfect start.

Our experienced and dedicated team of professionals would love to look after you. We would start with a very careful understanding of your goals and concerns, followed by a thorough assessment of your teeth, gums, jaws, smile and bite. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to raise concerns and ask questions.

Our comprehensive exam includes:
• A periodontal and dental exam of your gums and teeth
• Examination of your jaw and jaw joints
• Assessment of your bite
• Careful analysis of your smile
  (the appearance of your teeth and gums related to your face)

Having a comprehensive exam every three to five years is also an excellent way to discover potential problems before they progress to major concerns.


Why do you take an hour for the first exam, when other dentists don’t? Why do I need to see a hygienist? Can’t the dentist just clean my teeth? Will they cost more? I haven’t been to a dentist in years & I’m worried about what they might find. What’s the difference between a porcelain filling
and a cheaper one?
How do our dentists look
aftertheir own teeth?
Why do I need X-rays?
Do they do me any harm?
If it isn’t currently broken,
do I need to get it fixed?