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Martin SinnettMartin Sinnett


Martin or Marty as he prefers, grew up in north central Victoria on the banks of the mighty Murray river. From an early age he showed a strong interest in health and the health sciences graduating with leading results in biology from St Joseph's College Echuca.

Moving south to continue his study, Marty was accepted to the newly formed School of Dentistry and Oral Health at La Trobe University in Bendigo. Following his graduation from La Trobe in 2009 as an Oral Health Therapist (a dual qualification including dental hygiene and dental therapy). Marty has worked in many differing disciplines within the oral health care field.


Beginning in 2009 at a leading specialist orthodontic practice "Bee Happy Orthodontics" in Bendigo, he has furthered his skill set and scope of capability in the employ of a specialist Periodontist (gum and bone surgery specialist). Marty now has 4 years experience working in general practice under Dr Ian Harper here in Ballarat.


With the completion of the brand new, state of the art facility here at Dentistry@Ballarat in 2010, Marty has settled in Ballarat and has assumed an important role attending to the oral care of this practices' younger patients (25 and under) and the hygiene/continuing care requirements of all who visit us here at Dentistry@Ballarat.



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