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CEREC: Precision & Convenience

Dentistry @ Ballarat is very excited to offer you CEREC — cutting edge,
3D technology.

For most crown and bridge procedures, a “putty impression” technique is usually used, which tends to be very invasive, messy and prone to errors. CEREC allows us to create a custom-fitted ceramic restoration for you in just one appointment. The result is a precision fit (accurate to 40 microns), representing the way of the future in dentistry.

Strong, lifelike and beautiful results.

With CEREC, we are able to restore your tooth to near 100% strength. Previously, a gold filling was regarded as being the “gold standard” when it came to making teeth strong again. Eighteen-year clinical trials have proven CEREC to be as successful as a gold filling of the same size.

A significant drawback with traditional crowns was the nerve dying off in the tooth, simply because of the volume of tooth that needed to be removed during the preparation process. CEREC reduces the chances of such nerve damage to an absolute minimum, making it a better alternative to a traditional crown (for most people). Nowadays, we like to leave as much tooth in our patient’s mouths as possible..



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