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Orthodontics: Transform Your Smile

Crooked teeth or a misaligned bite can cause a range of dental and related problems, including headaches, jaw joint pain, a less attractive smile and poor oral hygiene issues. Orthodontic treatment is a perfect way for you or your child to achieve a straight smile and give them a great start.

Orthodontics also ensures that teeth are preserved and longevity enhanced, dramatically improving your appearance, self-esteem and oral health. For those who think they will be self-conscious about having braces on their teeth, we also offer ceramic brackets that blend in with the colour of your teeth.

Our team approach also means that you will be looked after not only by the dentist, but also by a dental therapist (who is specially trained to help with orthodontic treatments).

Dentistry @ Ballarat uses well-researched, scientific principles in our orthodontic procedures. New techniques and appliances employed by our team, such as computerised imagery, help to see the final positions of teeth, reducing discomfort levels and decreasing the frequency of visits and treatment time.

Orthodontics is suitable for all ages. We understand and respect the commitment and effort from both parent and child to achieve a healthy smile, and so our approach is to carefully discuss and explore your options for teeth straightening before providing any final recommendations.



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