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Sedation Dentistry

“I wish I could just go to the dentist, drift off into a nice pleasant sleep, then wake up and all the work I need has been done"

After our years of experience we realised that a lot of people were choosing the quickest, but worst solution for the health of their mouths and general well-being. The reasons were pretty obvious...... Fear of dentistry.

We know that some patients don't come because they fear what needs to be done in order to get their mouth healthy again.

We know that some patients suffer pain for months and months rather than come and see us.

We know that some patients avoid small dental problems, leading to them getting worse, before excruciating pain forces them to see us.

We also know that some patients feel very bad about this, thinking they are the biggest coward in the world. You are not.

Fear of dentistry can be very isolating with sufferers feeling they are the only one in the universe who has fear and that everyone else breezes through their treatment. You are not alone! It is not something you can just endure! We want to help you.

Knowing how patients suffer we couldn't continue doing nothing to help. Sedation is the right answer.

All forms of dentistry can be carried out under sedation: implant placement, fillings, extractions (even wisdom teeth), cleaning, root canal treatment, Cerecs and crown preps. It is also suitable for children, patients who have a strong gag reflex, long appointments, extensive treatment and is an excellent alternative to a general anaesthetic.

So how does a sedation appointment go?

You arrive at the appointed time, within 5 minutes you are fast asleep. When you wake up again you will have no memory of the treatment that has been done with the feeling that 5 minutes has passed. Within 45 minutes of waking you will be able to leave again. You will need to have someone collect you and for the next 24 hours stay with you.  During the same time you will not be able to drive, work or sign any legal documents.

Patient safety is our first priority.

We use a specialist anaesthetist - Dr. Danny Raiz to perform our sedation. Prior to this appointment you may be required to have some medical tests carried out, depending on your age and general health. Most patients under the age of 35 who are non-smokers do not require any tests. Some patients may not be suitable for sedation, because of a medical condition, these patients can still be treated under general anaesthetic.

A substantial portion of the cost of the sedation is claimable under Medicare, but this can be determined more precisely once a dental examination has been done and treatment time is known.

We have carried out a lot of sedation appointments and every single person tells us that it was the best dental treatment they have ever had done. It helps a lot when you're completely asleep.


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