212 Drummond

Why Us?

1. Complete care

We know that your dental needs are unique. Because we recognise there is no “one size fits all” solution, we have invested in all facets of dentistry to offer a wide array of complete services. Our comprehensive approach enables us to provide you with a personalised treatment plan that ensures a perfect match between your individual dental needs and specialised care.

2. A team approach

Our complete team has the knowledge to integrate your treatment for optimally tailored care, exceptional value and customer service. When you visit, not only will you be cared for by your dentist, but also a therapist and treatment coordinator.

3. Treatment coordinator

Not all dental practices invest in the services of a treatment coordinator—but we do. A treatment coordinator is your personal point of contact; the person to answer any additional questions or concerns and ensure that your experience is as positive as possible.

4. Owner-operated, local dentists

You can rest assured that when you visit you won’t be seeing multiple assistant dentists who may not be there at the next appointment. This practice is owner-operated, ensuring continuity of care and allowing for a long-term relationship.

5. Extensive experience

There is no substitute for experience. Dentistry is complex and patients’ needs are unique. Dr Harper and Dr Johnston offer you combined experience of 50 years, with the most extensive years of practice being within the Ballarat community.

6. Continuing education

In addition to extensive specialised training and formal university qualifications for practitioners, we ensure that each and every team member continuously learns and develops through a minimum attendance of two continuing education courses each year, helping to place us at the forefront of modern dentistry. Our advanced level of training and commitment to ongoing professional development means that we are able to offer you the highest standards in care practice every step of the way.

7. A vested interest in service with no compromise on quality results

We are happy to provide guided tours of our practice and sterilisation area to prove our high standards in infection control and to showcase our innovative equipment. Our investment in staff, equipment and training shows how serious we are in delivering the highest standard of service through personalised attention and care.

8. Premises specifically designed to enable your ultimate comfort

We have invested in premises that are specifically designed with a focus on comfort, quality and the latest dental technology—providing an unparalleled experience, right here in Ballarat. Our special children’s play centre highlights our commitment to building confidence and positivity when visiting the team at Dentistry @ Ballarat.


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aftertheir own teeth?
Why do I need X-rays?
Do they do me any harm?
If it isn’t currently broken,
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