212 Drummond

Welcome to a whole new experience in dentistry, right here in Ballarat.


And now we're taking the whole new experience to the next level.

It’s now 7 years since we started Dentistry@Ballarat, our first patient was seen on 17th October 2011.

A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since then and both Dr. Harper and Dr. Johnston are deeply appreciative of the magnificent support which the Ballarat and Horsham communities have given the two Irish boys. A deeply felt and sincere  “Thank-you”. 

We are fully committed to continuing to bring life-enhancing smiles and  life-prolonging oral health and want nothing more than to take it to the next level, then the next, then the next. We will never stop trying to do better tomorrow what we have accomplished today because our patients deserve only the best that we can provide.

Sometimes the environments in which we work do not allow us to achieve that, and the changes we have planned are designed to overcome those restrictions.


You may have already noticed that there has been a change of identity within Dentistry @ Ballarat.

Dr. Harper’s team is now “Harper Dental”. harperdental.com.au

Dr. Johnston’s team is now “Face and Smile”. faceandsmile.com.au


The best place to find out about those changes is to go to the website for each team. More details are available there of the exciting journey that lies ahead. 


Why do you take an hour for the first exam, when other dentists don’t? Why do I need to see a hygienist? Can’t the dentist just clean my teeth? Will they cost more? I haven’t been to a dentist in years & I’m worried about what they might find. What’s the difference between a porcelain filling
and a cheaper one?
How do our dentists look
aftertheir own teeth?
Why do I need X-rays?
Do they do me any harm?
If it isn’t currently broken,
do I need to get it fixed?